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We offer several accessories for our equipment to improve and maintain their performance:

  • Incremental Torque Gauge
Plastic beverage closures must be monitored to maintain good cap application to ensure package integrity. This can be achieved by checking closure removal torque and incremental torque periodically during filling line production. Secure Pak now stocks the Incremental Torque Gauge, which is specially designed and manufactured to mount on all of our Secure Pak torque tester models.

Torque tester not included

  • Calibration Kits

Once you establish a calibration schedule for your Secure Pak torque testers, or just want to verify calibration of your testers, our calibration kits enable you to conduct calibration testing on site. This will assure optimum consistency from day-to-day or week-to-week, and it will also eliminate cost, risk, and possible downtime. The kit consists of a calibration fixture, wire, leverage arm, and tester-appropriate weights, as well as thorough instructions on its use and the ASTM write-up. Because the fixture must be mounted to a solid surface, it is always convenient and easy to use. We perform calibrations and repairs here when necessary or more convenient for the customer.

  • Secure Seal Tester Spare Parts Kit

We offer a Spare Parts Kit for our Secure Seal Tester that includes an observation window kit assembly, hose, regulator, gauge with lazy hand, and two O-rings.

  • Brackets

Secure Pak torque testers can accommodate from a 1/2" diameter container up to a gallon size container (which is approximately 6" in diameter). For any container over a gallon or one which has an off-set cap (an 'F' style container), special brackets are required. Bottles must be shipped to Secure Pak, 3630 Rockland Circle, Millbury OH 43447, so that an estimate of the bracket cost can be furnished.

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